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Op-Ed Writing

1. "How Policies 'Protecting' Small Restaurants from Delivery Apps are Backfiring." August 5, 2022. The Hill.

2. "A Real Mother's Day Gift? Flexible Jobs and Flexible Benefits." May 6, 2022. Tribune News Servicesreprinted in MSN

3. "How Congress Made You a Federal Criminal." January 9, 2022. The Hill 

4. "Worry about Inflation, Not Immigration." December 10, 2021. Reason


5. "To Outpace China, U.S. Must Invest in High-Tech and Medical Innovation" August 6, 2021. The Hill.

6. "The U.S. Doesn’t Have to Spend Billions to Boost Industry. Just Allow More Immigration" July 18, 2021. Dallas Morning News.


7. "How Portraits Can Change Immigration Policy" June 2, 2021. Discourse Magazine.

8. "Four 'gig work' misconceptions driving counterproductive reforms" May 25, 2021. The Hill. 

9. "The gig economy is making the future of work brighter for women." May 13, 2021. Fortune Magazine.

10. "UK Uber ruling shows old labor regs don't fit today's workforce." March 5, 2021. The Hill. (with Michael Farren)

11. "Will Congress Play Politics with the PRO-Act, or Listen to Workers?" February 17, 2021. Tribune Syndicate News, reprinted in Miami Herald & The Sacramento Bee. (with Michael Farren)  


12. "America's unique brand of entrepreneurism is, and always has been, a source of hope for the future" November 28, 2020. Dallas Morning News. 


13. "Actually, Curbing Uber Won't Relieve Heavy Traffic." August 2, 2018. New York Times. 

14. "Don't Be So Sure the Gig Is Up." June 13, 2018. Wall Street Journal.

15. "Adam Smith, Wilbur Ross Differ on Balance of Trade." December 4, 2016. Wall Street Journal. 

16. "New O.T. rules hinder 21st centruy economy." May 27, 2016. Orange County Register. 

17. "New Overtime Regulations Could Harm Tech Startups and Small Businesses" May 18, 2016. Forbes(with Jon Hartley)

18. "Working Overtime to Avoid the Truth" April 8, 2016. Wall Street Journal. (with Don Boudreaux)

19. "Innovating Ancient Ride-hail Regulation" February 21, 2016. San Francisco Examiner. (with Jon Hartley)

20. "An Uber Good Way to Even the Playing Field" December 8, 2015. U.S. News and World Report. (with student Ryan Friel)


21. "Uber under attack: What Critics Get Wrong" November 27, 2015. Yahoo Finance. ​(with student Nawaphon Sittiswassakul)

22. "Putting the Community Back into Community Policing" November 19, 2015. Real Clear Policy.

23. "Lessons from the Uber-de Blasio Showdown" August 10, 2015. Newsday. Reprinted in the Providence Journal and Sun Sentinel

24. "Political Self-Interest and Lobbying Lead to Bad Regulation" June 16, 2015. U.S. News and World Report. 

25. “U.S. Regulations and Taxes Stifling Entrepreneurs” April 15, 2015. U.S. News and World Report.

26. "Do Higher Minimum Wages Create More Jobs?" August 21, 2014. Wall Street Journal(with student Rachel Mace)

27. "Misleading Minimum Wage Statistics" July 28, 2014. US News and World Report(with Don Boudreaux)

28. "The Myth of the Great Wages 'Decoupling'" March 7, 2014. Wall Street Journal. (with Don Boudreaux)

29. "Encourage Consumer Choice" October 20, 2009. Philadelphia Inquirer.

Other Selected Media-Related Activities


Video profile and interview with Voice of America – Georgia (June 2017)


Video profile and interview with Voice of America – Armenia (June 2017)

"New Labor Department Rule Hits Startups and Telecommuting" - Interviewed by Jared Meyer. May 13, 2016. Forbes.

"Here's how the new overtime regulations could harm Silicon Valley." April 12, 2016. Medium.

Selected as 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Law & Policy (January 2016)

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