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Journal Articles

1. Transaction Cost Economics, Labor Law, and the Gig Economy,” Journal of Legal Studies 50 (S2), 2021 (with S. Oranburg)

2. Grading Foreign Aid Agencies: Best Practices across Traditional and Emerging Donors" Review of Development Economics, 25(2), 2021 (with C. Williamson)

3. “Exploring Questions in Technology, Innovation, and Public Policy." Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 10(2): 189-197, 2021.

4. “Are Aid Agencies Changing their Practices?Journal of International Development, 32(5), 819-823, 2020 (with C. Williamson)

5. “African Chiefs: Comparative Governance under Colonial RulePublic Choice 174(3/4): 277-300, 2018.

6. “Disrupting the Employee and Contractor LawsUniversity of Chicago Legal Forum 15: 397-408, 2017.


7. “Federalism and the Police: An Applied Theory of Fiscal AttentionArizona State Law Journal 49(3): 907-933. 2017 (with P. Boettke and E. Piano)


8. “Re-evaluating Community Policing in a Polycentric SystemJournal of Institutional Economics 12(2): 305-325, 2016 (with P. Boettke and J. Lemke)

9. “Taming Leviathan Supreme Court Economic Review 23(1): 279-303, 2015 (with P. Boettke)

10. “Polycentricity, Self-governance, and the Art & Science of Association” Review of Austrian Economics 28(3): 311-335, 2015 (with P. Boettke and J. Lemke)

11. “James Buchanan’s Contributions in Constitutional Political Economy, Institutional Analysis, and Self-governanceJournal of Law, Economics, and Policy 10(3): 649-667, 2014 (with P. Boettke)

12. “Riding in Cars with Boys: Elinor Ostrom’s Adventures with the PoliceJournal of Institutional Economics 9(4): 407-425, 2014 (with P. Boettke and J. Lemke)


13. “Henry Hazlitt as an Intellectual Middleman of ‘Orthodox Economics’” History of Political Economy 45(5), 2013 (with P. Boettke)


1. The Decline and Rise of Institutions. Elements in Austrian Economics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 1-60: 2017. (with E. Piano and D. Skarbek) 

Book Chapters 

1. "Silicon Valley vs. Main Street: Regulatory Impact on Entrepreneurial Ventures." In, Entrepreneurship and the Market Process. Rowman & Littlefield., 2020

2. “Evaluating Aid Agencies: Challenges, Comparisons, and Causes of Best Aid Practices” in Foreign Aid and Economic Development: Micro and Macro Perspective,  Palgrave-MacMillan 2019

3. “Balancing Flexibility and Rigidity: Do Unions Make Sense in the On-Demand Economy?” (with S. Oranburg) in The Cambridge Handbook of U.S. Labor Law: Reviving American Labor for a 21st Century Economy,  Cambridge University Press, 2019. 

4. “The Comparative Political Economy of a CrisisAdvances in Austrian Economics 20: 235-263, 2015 (with P. Boettke)

5. “Entrepreneurship, Institutions, and Economic Prosperity” in What America’s Decline in Economic Freedom Means for Entrepreneurship and Prosperity (Published by The Fraser Institute)

  • Book winner, Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award 2015

Book Reviews

1. "Love and Economics: A Book Review of Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned from Online Dating, by Paul Oyer" (September 7. 2021). The Library of Economics and Liberty

2. Review of Evan Osborne, Self-regulation and human progress: how society gains when we govern less, Public Choice, 178(1/2): 315-217, 2019. 

3. Review of F.Sabetti and P. Dragos Aligica (eds.), Choice, rules and collective action: the Ostroms on the study of institutions and governance, Public Choice 161(3/4): 547-549, 2014.

Work in Progress

1. “Smart Contracts, Transaction Costs, and Decentralized Work”, work in progress 

2. “Native American Chiefs: How European Frontier Expansion Altered Indigenous Governance,” work in progress

3. “Polycentric Institutions and External Influence: Case Studies of Colonial Legacies on Indigenous Governance,” work in progress

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